Biodynamic gardening


A little film about our organic allotment and some of the biodynamic gardening methods we use to enhance the health and vitality of our crops. Nettle tea for overall health, the ‘cow pat pit’ for incredibly potent, life-giving soil improvement, ‘mausdorf starter’ for maintaining the perfect compost heap……

There are loads of other amazingly effective organic and biodynamic methods that I’ll write about and film at a later date. In the meantime I hope you enjoy this little Autumnal video tour of our allotment garden.

Homegrown happiness!

8 thoughts on “Biodynamic gardening

  1. sweetpea2love says:

    Was that mint you were boiling to keep the slugs away from your plants? I have too much rain here for the last three years in Northern Ontario, Canada and the slugs are out in force ..

    Love your post and beautiful pictures too.. take care from Laura


  2. sue heap says:

    have just looked at your film both kate and I are very impressed with th e nettle furtiliser, I must say I have some left from last year hope it doesnt kill my plants. granny lettuce


    • homegrownkate says:

      The nettle fertiliser from last year definitely won’t kill your plants Sue, but fresh would be better. We’ve got lots of fresh nettle tips appearing down south. Anything up North yet? Amazingly good for your plants (and for us too actually – nettle soup is delicious)! xx


  3. Mickey Mouse says:

    Middle of the night here and just watched the video. It’s fantastic❤️ Loved it to bits. Beautiful and inspirational. And the great thing is that it’s all coming back again better than ever thanks to your Team TLC XXXX

    Liked by 1 person

    • homegrownkate says:

      Thanks Mickey Mouse! Really glad you liked the video. Life is definitely stirring in the soil on this side of the world. Spring is so exciting after a long Winter. Happy gardening! xx


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