‘G’ is for Garlic


We love garlic and use it pretty much every day in the kitchen, so ‘G’ just had to be garlic in our ‘Allotment A-Z’. Last year we had great success with some very tasty garlic called Spanish Roja (an over-winter hardneck variety that packs a huge flavour punch), so we decided to grow it again this year!

We saved some bulbs and planted out the biggest cloves last autumn and now, here we are in spring, and the garlic is looking good. I’m loving the great circle of life…

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‘B’ is for Beetroot


Two down and twenty-four to go in the ‘A-Z’ of our favourite homegrown fruit and veg! This was a tricky one, because there are so many lovely fruit and veg starting with ‘B’. Broccoli, broad beans, blackberries, brussel sprouts and blueberries to name just a few, but when push came to shove it was beetroot that earned its place in the allotment garden ‘A-Z’. So many different varieties, so easy to grow, so many different ways of eating it, juicing it, grating it, baking it and masses of health benefits too…

‘B’ is for the beautiful, bountiful beetroot!

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‘Chitting’ or sprouting potatoes is one of those early Spring jobs that makes me feel that the growing season is finally underway. These little beauties are quietly doing their own thing in a light and bright spot on our windowsill, full of promise and high hopes for delicious roasters, bakers, mash and new…..

This year we’re growing two varieties, a lovely waxy ‘1st early’ called Amandine and a floury ‘main crop’ called Remarka. These varieties pretty much cover the whole season and will keep us in ‘spuds’ from May to November.

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