Raw Tropical ‘Cheesecake’

raw tropical cheesecake

A friend asked me to create a banana-free ‘cheesecake’ for those that don’t do bananas… so here it is! Just as yummy and just as good for you with a little tropical twist and not a banana in sight. Dairy free, gluten free and with no refined sugars, this is the perfect guilt-free pud that won’t give you or the children a sugar-rush before bed. Yay!

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Apple and Almond Pudding


Oh my golly gosh! Delicious. A really simple, seasonal dessert using local apples, that won’t give you or your children a frenzied sugar rush before bed! Woohoo. Dairy free, gluten free and free of refined sugars, this is a traditional pud with a healthy twist!

Very tasty with apples, but works equally well with other fruits – try an autumnal version with pears and plums or a tropical one with mango and peach. Sometimes, you’ve just got to eat cake…

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Apple and berry crumble


After a day of hard graft at the allotment garden, this is the perfect way to recharge! Packed full of natural energy and goodness, this super healthy and incredibly yummy crumble has no added refined sugar, is gluten-free and dairy free to-boot. Woohoo!

I’ve used apples in this recipe because they’re currently in delicious abundance at out local organic farm shop, but you can change the recipe to suit your taste or use up whatever ingredients you have in the house. Equally yummy with pears or freshly picked blackberries!

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