‘Energy Bites’


Back in those lazy, hazy days of Summer I was approached by a publisher and asked to collaborate with established cookery writer, Annie Nichols, on a little cookbook of super-healthy and delicious snacks – the sort of thing that I’ve been putting in my kids lunch boxes and taking to our allotment garden for years.

My blog and Instagram were put on hold as I focused on creating, testing and writing recipes and here is the result of all that hard work – ‘Energy Bites’ … with a mega-bright cover! Packed full of sweet and savoury, great tasting, high energy snacks that are incredibly good for you – vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy free and totally free of refined sugar.


Hot on the heels of ‘Energy Bites’ I was asked to write another little cookbook which we’ve just finished shooting. This one is still top secret and under wraps, but ‘Energy Bites’ is due for release next week and I’m finally allowed to talk about it. I even have an advance copy in my hands right now. Hooray!

To celebrate the launch I’m giving away a copy of the book. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post and I’ll pick a winner on 15th January 2016. If you don’t win, don’t worry! You can buy the book in loads of bookshops, on Amazon and on the DK website. Published by DK on 15 January 2016, £6.99. DK.com

Over the coming week, I’ll post two of my favourite sweet recipes to tempt you … so stay tuned and good luck!

26 thoughts on “‘Energy Bites’

  1. Kumari Salgado says:

    This looks great! Energy Bites are my favourite snack, but I’m a bit bored of my current recipes so it would be great to try something new…..and I would love to win a copy!


  2. Stella says:

    Well that brightened my day. Morning Katie and I have missed you more. I had to revert back to Mr Cadburys in your absence so don’t do it again.
    Have to confess that Christmas was a little chocolatie this year so with my 8-week health plan in operation and with your help I don’t see how I can fail.
    I will order your book right now and spread the work. Actually it is such a good price I shall fill up my present box and give everyone one for their birthday. So lucky everybody!


  3. Nicole Novak says:

    I was wondering about you the other day. Someone else posted a picture of their allotment and that made me think of yours! Welcome back and congratulations on your new publications!


  4. lucystothert says:

    Such a gorgeous picture of you. Do you have a granola breakfast recipe – I remember you posting one once? X

    Sent from my iPhone


    • homegrownkate says:

      Hi Ruth, great to hear from you! Yes, the book is selling online. You can pre-order (launch date is 15th Jan) via the DK website, Amazon and probably others that I’m not aware of yet! Hope all good in Bangkok. Kate. x


  5. Lorna Ward says:

    Kate, I too am excited to read about your new book, and pleased that you are back! We missed your blog. I’m thinking that your healthy snacks will be great for us oldies who are still working hard in our gardens. The photographs look so professional too. Congratulations!


  6. Mike Turner says:

    Great balls of fire! This is so exciting!! The book looks awesome. So proud. Can’t wait to buy a copy. Lots of copies!! So good to have you back blogging 💃🏻 Hooray!!


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