Eat, drink and be merry!

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Eating is one of life’s great pleasures. Along with a beautiful view, a tiny new seedling, holding a mug of hot tea in cold hands and the smell of chestnuts roasting on a fire! I’ve come to realise over the years of feeding myself and feeding a growing family, that eating food is not only a pleasure, but also a vital ingredient in the heady mix of health and happiness.

In my humble opinion, food should be great fun and simple to cook, it should taste amazing, it should look delicious, it should be really good for you and it should make you feel great! Food should and can do all these things, but I know loads of people who find cooking a chore, are overwhelmed and uninspired by it, or are just unsure about what’s good for them. I really hope I can change that and inspire you to eat well and enjoy it, to feed yourself and your family with great tasting, wholesome, naturally energising food and for you to see the huge happy, healthy benefits of eating this way.

These recipes are all simple and easy to cook – they have to be because I’m a busy mother with a hungry household! They are mostly plantbased (the new buzz word for vegan!), wheat free, dairy free, refined sugar free and often raw! I mostly cook with fruit and veg that are grown on our organic allotment, but of course the recipes work just as well with good quality shop-bought produce. If we haven’t grown it or can’t grow it (oh for an avocado tree!) then we buy organic ingredients from our local farms and shops. If we do choose to eat meat, it is always organic and also from local farms.

We try to eat seasonally, we try to eat local produce, but life is never perfect and circumstances can mean different choices for different people. Do what you feel is best for you. And play around with the recipes – they suit me and my family, but you may want less chilli or more cinnamon! The food is there to be enjoyed not endured! I do promise that it’s all really delicious and supremely good for you, so that’s an excellent starting point! ENJOY.

Check out the drop down menu for tasty recipes – from your morning smoothie to your evening meal. There are also recipes for a fantastic 5 day cleanse, meal plans to get you through a busy week and shopping lists to ease the burden of having to think about it!.

Oh and one last thing! “Blessings on the blossom, Blessings on the fruit, Blessings on the leaf and stem, And blessings on the root”


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