Raw Energy Balls

raw balls formula

A brilliant little mix & match guide for making raw energy balls, from our new cookbook ‘Energy Bites’. These were the first type of energy balls that I ever made and they’re still my favourite snack! Incredibly quick and easy to make, really good for you and very tasty too. Yay!

This guide will get you started on a simple dried fruit and nut version. Choose one ingredient (or a combination of ingredients) from each column and whizz in a food processor until sticky. Shape into balls and roll in yummy stuff like chia seeds, cacao powder, bee pollen or crushed nuts. Firm up in the fridge for 1 hour (if you can wait that long!) and then eat. They freeze really well too. Simple…

eb balls

There are loads of ways to combine ingredients to make the perfect ‘energy bite’. Don’t worry if you can’t get hold of the powders or any ‘sticky stuff’, the nuts and dried fruit are perfect on their own, or go wild and make up your own ‘recipes’ with your favourite ingredients! Happy rolling and happy, healthy snacking…

You can buy ‘Energy Bites’ in bookshops, on Amazon and on the DK website. Published by DK in January 2016, £6.99. DK.com. A fabulous collaboration with established cookery writer Annie Nichols and gorgeous food photography by Will Heap.

3 thoughts on “Raw Energy Balls

  1. Anna C says:

    Kate, I treated myself to your Energy Bites book and Superfood breakfasts book for the New Year! I love the format – really easy to follow. I’ve had my first go at one of the recipes for Cranberry and Fig Spice Bites. Really easy to make and they were a hit with everyone except Emma who’s not a dried fruit fan! I can’t normally get Ben to eat nuts and he loved them! One question – where’s the cheapest source of Maca powder at smaller quantities?


  2. Julie Elford says:

    Kate, thank you for the simply brilliant pictorial design of ingredients. It makes selecting so easy and made me want to leap out of bed on this sunny Sunday morning to make them…and then eat then before refrigeration I think…good brekky!!! Cheers, Julie


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