If only you could smell these! We’ve been making orange and clove pomanders this morning and delicious Christmassy aromas are now wafting through the house. Mmmm….

You will need:




Cocktail sticks



Tie the ribbon around the orange and secure with pins through the ribbon, top and bottom.

Poke holes in the orange in whatever pattern you like and then push cloves into the holes. (The more cloves you use the longer it will keep, because the cloves act as a preservative. We have pomanders that are a few years old, but still like to make fresh ones every year).

You can either place them in a bowl on a table or hang them somewhere secure. They will shrink over time as they dry out and you may need to adjust the ribbon.

This is such a lovely thing to do as a family. We look forward to it every year! Enjoy the gorgeous smell……

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