Apple & Beetroot Porridge


I love beetroots! They’re so easy to grow and are a totally gorgeous colour. We’ve been experimenting with beetroot in our breakfast porridge and this is the result. ‘Ta da’… delicious pink porridge!

I used organic beetroot powder for this one, but have also made it with fresh beetroot juice and both work really well. We all skipped out the door this morning. Yum…

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Cashew & Banana Oatmeal

banana and cashew oatmeal

This breakfast certainly put an extra spring in our step this morning! A little bowl of creamy yumminess with a big nutrient boost – oats will keep you feeling fuller for longer, blueberries are packed with antioxidants, banana has loads of potassium, cashews and nut milk for protein and cacao nibs for extra crunch and ‘zing’! Yay…

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Chocolate ‘Cacao’ Porridge


We needed a good breakfast this morning, one that would give us loads of energy for working on the allotment and in our garden at home. This chocolate cacao porridge really hit the spot – it tastes deliciously decadent, but is amazingly good for you! Free from refined sugars, wheat and dairy, but packed full of yum! Hooray….

Raw cacao is very different to processed cocoa powder and one of the most nutrient-rich foods on the planet! It’s a natural source of energy and is said to enhance motivation and feelings of pleasure and bliss – yes please! The oats are incredibly sustaining whilst the nuts, fruit and honey make this an all-round breakfast winner in our house!

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